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Champion Energy is a retail electricity provider that offers both residential and business electric rates to consumers in Texas. Champion Energy rates are available in both fixed and variable rates. They also have green energy plans.

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When you compare Champion Energy rates you’ll find that each of their electricity plans doesn’t only offer great pricing, but they also offer some really interesting incentives for their first-time consumers too.

Today, Champion Energy is one of America’s fastest-growing retail electricity providers. This is especially true when you consider that it’s never been affiliated with a utility. Nevertheless, when you read Champion Energy reviews you’ll find that it not only offers competitive rates in Texas, but they service Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York as well.

Champion Energy Reviews

When you read through Champion Energy reviews you’ll find that this is a really good company. In these reviews, you’ll see their customers praising them for their wide array of offers (including lower rates at night), transparency about their terms and conditions, prices, and fees.

One of the best offers mentioned in these reviews is the free consumption on weekends. You simply can’t compare Champion Energy rates in this regard, because this is a feature that very few other companies offer. However, other Champion Energy reviews that people really like is the “Astros Triple Play”, in which you get up to 8 tickets to Astros games each year.

Champion Energy

Champion Energy Rates and Their Various Plans

As with other companies, Champion Energy rates include both fixed and variable plans. It’s important for you to understand the difference when you compare their electricity plans.

Fixed rates are all the rave when you read Champion Energy reviews. This is true, thanks to the fact that these are the easiest to compare when you compare their electricity rates with other companies. Champion Energy’s fixed electric rates don’t change throughout the time your contract is for. However, some reviews from previous customers warn that at the end of the contract, if you don’t renew or end your services, you’re automatically switched to variable electric rates.

When you sign up for a contract, make sure you opt for for a fixed electricity plan in your 12-month contract with Champion Energy.

As you compare Champion Energy rates that are variable in nature you’ll see that these aren’t as good of a deal. Because electricity prices fluctuate throughout the year. This means you may lose money at certain times when the prices on their variable rates are incredibly high. Of course, it also doesn’t help that you don’t know what you’re paying each month, since the rate is at the supplier’s discretion.

Once you understand the difference between between fixed and variable electricity rates, you’re ready to compare Champion Energy rates and the variety of plans they offer. These include:

  • The Astros Triple Play plan offers your choice of a 24 or 36 month fixed rates with no base charge. When you compare these fixed rates you’ll really appreciate the savings here, thanks to the other benefits, which include a free AC tune-up, $50 thermostat rebate, and 8 free tickets to Astros games. This is a great option for Astros fans, especially those who don’t need to end their services early.
  • Anyone who’s over the age of 60 will want to keep in mind that there’s a special rate for them when they’re ready to shop for a Champion Energy plan. This is a 24-month plan, but it does offer lower rates for seniors as well as free electricity from 12 AM Saturday through 12 PM Sunday.
  • The night owl plan offers great rates from 10 PM – 6 AM, as well as on weekends. It comes highly recommended for anyone who travels a lot. But you’re locked into this plan for 24 months.
  • The electric rates for their 100% renewable green energy plans are also great. When you compare Champion Energy electricity rates you’ll find that this energy comes completely from the wind. These are better than what most companies offer though, because they have 13% renewable content, which is above the state average of 10.7%.

All of the Champion Energy plans come without any base charges attached. This means that you don’t have to consume a minimum amount of energy. You simply pay for what you use. It doesn’t matter if you use almost nothing.

Tips for When You’re Ready to Compare Champion Energy Rates

When you’re ready to compare Champion Energy rates take a look at what the Better Business Bureau says. You’ll find that when most people write reviews about them, they say they’re actually quite happy with the company. In fact, while a lot of their reviews are available online, you’ll find that most people who compare Champion Energy electricity rates are actually quite happy with the company.

As you read through their reviews you’ll see that most people appreciate the rewards this company offers. One of the main reward is a $25 credit for each referral you make. In their reviews you also find people saying that the company is very responsive to their needs. In fact, they offer 24/7 bilingual English and Spanish support.

You can compare Champion Energy rates and what people are saying about them on various sites. Consistently this electricity company earns high ratings and positive reviews.

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