Prepaid Electricity - Pay As You Go Electric Rates

Take a look at prepaid electricity if you want to stick to a budget. Pay as you go electricity is an option that many just like you have turned to. With prepaid electricity, you pay in advance for your power use. Some plans even include free nights or weekends.

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Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver 12
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Benefits of Prepaid Electricity Plans

A pay-as-you-go electricity plan is also a terrific option if you are starting out and do not have a credit history. Most energy companies that offer prepaid electricity do not run a credit check. They have confidence in you, because you’re paying that bill in advance for the power that your family needs. This is a great advantage, as there is no need to stress or worry about receiving an electric bill that is sky high at the end of the month. You know exactly where every dollar went with a prepaid energy plan.

There are many electricity consumers who find pay-as-you-go plans the perfect option. You might be a recent college or high school graduate, in your first job and learning how to manage your first paycheck in a new apartment. Or perhaps you have teenagers in your family, who have used too much electricity and you’re now trying to keep costs more manageable. Maybe you are new to Texas and are choosing month-to-month prepaid energy because you are living in an apartment while looking for a different place to live.

But best of all, every pay as you go customer finds that their prepaid electricity bill lets them breathe a sigh of relief! They’ve already paid it and know exactly what it cost them. There’s no heavy anxiety over opening that utility envelope marked “This is an Electric Bill.”

Prepaid Electricity with Free Nights and Weekends

What will really make any consumer grin from ear to ear is that you receive lots of the same benefits from a prepaid electricity provider, the way any other customer would. For example, you will find that quite a few companies will offer you prepaid electricity with free nights and weekends. Also keep in mind that with prepaid electricity plans you are paying for your service upfront.

It is easy to sign up for prepaid electricity, since no deposit is required. What you need to keep in mind for budgeting your pay-as-you go plan is how much kilowatts you will use each month. For an individual or a family, this can provide great peace of mind, to know there are no additional fees. Pay as you go electricity is the ideal option, especially if managing costs is a concern.

We recommend that you look at the different prepaid electricity rates, to see which one is best for your family and budget. You have quite a few options, so it is best to make the most of them. As a Texas individual or family, you’ll find prepaid electricity providers have competitive rates and special offers, such as free nights or weekends. This is the ideal choice if you want to manage your electricity costs month to month.

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