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What to do if Something Goes Wrong When Switching Electricity Companies in Texas

You never want to switch electricity companies in the summertime (April – August). Throughout these months electric companies in Texas are known to increase their rates because their services are in greater demand. Sometimes this is unavoidable, unfortunately. There are a couple of things you can do here:
  • Have your current provider place you on a month to month plan (a.k.a. variable plan). This will allow you to wait until the weather in Texas is cooler so that you can switch electric companies then.
  • Find a plan that lasts for just a few months then tell your electric provider that you're not going to renew your plan. You can then switch to this plan until you're ready to shop for electricity companies in cooler months.

Things to Remember When Switching Electricity Companies in Texas

Whether you're shopping for electricity companies or making the switch to a new provider, there are a few things you'll want to remember. This includes:
  • Make sure you confirm when your current contract expires before you switch providers. You don't want them to charge you an early termination fee (if applicable).
  • Get to know as much as possible about the new provider before switching electric companies. Make sure you read through all the plan's information. Acquaint yourself with fees for things like paying online or over the phone and using less than a set amount of electricity.
Finding the right electric companies in Texas really isn't a difficult process. It doesn't take much time either. This is why you really should shop around for an electricity company that truly meets your needs.
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