The Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Energy

Nowadays, there’s a lot of buzz about green energy. This form of energy has both advantages and disadvantages to it.

Advantages of Green Energy

One of the major advantages of green energy is that it’s renewable. This means it’s sustainable – we’ll never run out of it. The facilities that are responsible for producing this power usually need much less maintenance than a traditional generator. They’re fueled by natural, readily available resources. As such, they’re also less expensive to maintain.

Something that’s even more important here is that there’s little to no waste. This includes carbon dioxide as well as other chemical pollutants. As such, there’s very little impact on the environment, which is important because these green energy facilities are usually built far away from large urban centers.

Disadvantages of Green Energy

As with anything, there are some disadvantages of green energy that you should know about. These include:

  • It’s difficult to generate the amount of energy needed. Therefore, more production facilities are needed.
  • The supply isn’t reliable, because it depends on the weather (e.g. hydro generators need rain; wind turbines need wind; solar collectors need clear, sunny skies).
  • When there isn’t enough supply; inconsistent energy supplies result.
  • Renewable energy technology is more expensive than traditional fossil fuel generation, especially since it’s still so new in creation.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Energy

Most people will argue that the advantages of green energy really do far outweigh the disadvantages of green energy. This is why they believe the future really does lie with green energy.

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