Electricity Companies in Houston, Texas

Texas Electricity Examiner compares rates of electricity companies in Houston, Texas. If you are considering switching electricity provider, it’s important you understand the rates and fees each energy plan offers. After all, we all want to save money on our electric bill.

Houston, Texas is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Texas – reaching to Galveston Bay. It has a lot of great attractions, including the Space Center Houston, NASA’s astronaut training complex, and the Houston Grand Opera. With so many places to work and “play,” it’s no surprise that there are also a lot of electricity providers available for you to choose from.

Reliant Energy

This is probably the most known electricity company in Houston. With many fixed rates and variable rate options to choose from, you’ll probably find the energy plan you’re looking for. You’ll also appreciate the option to power your home with Texas sun. Their 100% solar plan costs 13.5¢ – 14.4¢ per kWh, depending on your monthly usage.

TXU Energy

Free Nights & Solar Days is TXU Energy’s most popular plan. This 12-month, fixed rate plan costs 14.7¢ – 17.1¢ per kWh and a $9.95 base charge each month. You’ll also incur a $150 early termination fee. This plan is great in that it offers free electricity all night starting at 9 PM until 6 AM. Additionally, you get 100% solar energy every day.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy’s Free Power Weekends fixed rate plan offers free electricity every weekend from Friday at 6 PM to Sunday at 11:59 PM. For this you’ll pay a $4.95 per month base fee. Afterwards you’re charged:

  • 13.0¢ per kWh up to 500 kWh, 12.1¢ if you use 501-1,000 kWh, and 11.7¢ if you use 1,001-2,000 kWh.
  • $5.47 per month fee plus 3.871¢ per kWh as a delivery charge.
  • $135 if you terminate the plan before the end of your 12-month period.

Electricity Companies in Houston, Texas

4Change Energy

4Change Energy is another electricity company in Houston to offer a 12-month fixed rate green plan. With it you’ll pay 12.7¢ – 14.5¢ per kWH, with a TDU charge of $5.47 per month, and an energy charge of 9.5273¢ per kWh. The Green Saver electric plan is 100% Texas wind. There is a termination fee of $20 per month for the remainder of your contract if you terminate it early.

Frontier Utilities

With Frontier Utilities’ Straight Power energy plan you get a 12-month fixed rate. You’re charged a base fee of $155 per month, which is the equivalent of around 7.8¢ with a usage of 2,000 kWh. If you use less than 2,000 kWh you’ll be charged 15.5¢ – 31.0¢ per kWh, depending on your exact monthly usage. When you break this contract early you’ll need to pay an early termination fee of $200. Unfortunately, this is only 6% renewable energy though.

Champion Energy

Houston Astros fans will be thrilled about the Baseball Fan Plan. With this energy plan from Champion Energy you’ll get 4 Free Astros tickets and a $50 gift card. You’ll also have the chance to win 2 Diamond Club tickets. There’s a $5.47 delivery charge and you will pay 10.9¢ – 11.7¢ per kWh. This plan consists of 16% renewable energy. If you cancel your contract early, you’ll need to pay an early termination fee of $150.

First Choice Power

Here’s a company known for offering cheap Houston electricity rates on their prepaid energy plans. First Choice Power’s most popular electricity plan is the You Got This. You can choose a contract of 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. With these unique electricity plans you’ll pay 11.3¢ – 12.9¢, a $4.95 energy base charge and an additional $5.47 energy delivery charge. You’ll be charged $135 if you end your contract early without providing verification that you’re moving. It’s also important to remember that this is a fixed rate plan. As such, the price you pay will not change throughout the contracted term.

Pennywise Power

With this provider you’ll pay between 9.6¢ – 15.2¢ per kWh for a 12-month contract term consisting of 10% renewable energy, which is close to the state’s “norm” – 17%. You may also be charged other fees that include:

  • $150 termination fee if you terminate your contract before the 12 months is up.
  • $10 for disconnection.
  • $30 for returned payment.
  • 5% of past due balances for late payment penalty.

Gexa Energy

With this electricity company you’re not on a cumulative plan. Instead, you’re only charged for the amount of energy used– between 3.1¢ – 10.9¢ per kWh. This consists of 6% renewable energy, but if you terminate your contract early, you’ll be charged a $150 early termination fee.

Cirro Energy

Your monthly electricity usage and/or energy plan you choose with Cirro Energy determines the price you pay – anywhere from 11.9¢ – 15.0¢/kWh. You’ll also incur a late payment penalty fee of 5% of past due balances. Additionally, terminating your plan early will cost you $150, unless you have proof that you’re moving out of the residence. Their plans typically consist of 11% green energy.

There are a lot of great Houston electricity companies available. You should be able to find something that will work for you and your family here. It’ll simply take you a little time to look everything over.

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