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One of the great benefits about living in Dallas, Texas is that you get to choose between a wide range of energy providers. While electric rates is the main deciding factor to sign up for a plan, many energy providers in Dallas, TX also offer a lot of other great benefits. Therefore, you should take the time to research and get to know some of them.

TXU Energy

Founded in 1882 when Dallas Electric Lighting Company first brought electricity to North Texas, TXU is one of the oldest energy providers in the state. They’ve watched porch lights arrive and confuse moths, air conditioning be introduced to make summers more bearable, and they’re still here over 100 years later watching electric cars buzz by. This is why so many Texans trust them today. Of course, it also helps that they haven’t forgotten their roots and they remain committed to serving their community.

Reliant Energy

Over 1.5 million Texans trust Reliant today. This is because they have a solid foundation with their Fortune 500 parent company, NRG Energy, Inc. They work together to simplify and enhance the way you power your home, bringing you new, creative ways all the time. Today, they’re one of the largest electric providers in the state, offering a diverse range of electric plans so you can find what you need.

Besides offering electricity, they also offer features and benefits that will make your life easier. This includes smart thermostats, rewards for electric usage, and bill credits for selling them the solar energy you don’t use. They also strive to make their customers happy by offering online account management, so you can track your electric usage, pay your bill, and compare your energy usage to that of other homes in your area. Besides electric plans they also offer free home energy checkups, security, and home maintenance. They’re there for you 24/7, online or by phone, regardless of your needs.

Direct Energy

Serving over 4 million homes in Texas, Direct Energy tries to simplify your home by offering you data, choices, technology, and innovation. As their customer, you’ll have simple ways of tracking, understanding, and controlling your electric usage. This gives you the insight you need to make smarter decisions so you can be more efficient with your electric use, thus saving yourself money.

4Change Energy

This energy provider in Dallas, Texas was founded on the idea that electricity should be affordable and make you feel comfortable. For this reason, this energy provider offers a variety of plans for you to choose from – fixed rate, variable rate, and green plans ranging from 3 – 24 months. They’re also really involved in their community, donating 4% of their annual profits to local nonprofit organizations, including; Feeding Texas, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and Heroes for Children.

All of this sounds great, but if you’ve ever dealt with any of the electricity companies in Dallas, Texas who make big promises but then fail to deliver, you’ll appreciate the fact that this will never happen here. This is because 4Change Energy offers a satisfaction guarantee, whereby if you’re not completely satisfied by the service this energy provider in Dallas, Texas offers you can cancel or switch to another plan without any penalty.

Amigo Energy

Founded in 2003, Amigo Energy is one of the oldest energy providers in Dallas today. They also have hundreds of thousands of customers who think they’re one of the best energy providers in Dallas, Texas.

As of 2007, the company is a fully owned subsidiary of Falcrum Power Services. While under their guidance Amigo Energy was ranked second by J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking. This is because they’re one of the electric providers who’s known for showing their Dallas customers respect.

In August 2011 Just Energy acquired Amigo Energy. Nonetheless this energy provider continues delivering affordable electricity plans and straight forward information that customers can easily understand. This is why J.D. Power and Associates ranked them as “Better Than Most” of the other electricity providers in Dallas, Texas in every qualification area.

Infinite Energy

Established in 1994 in Gainesville, Florida, Infinite Energy is known for offering great customer service and billing that’s really accurate. Customers also say that their electric prices are quite fair and highly competitive. The company also enjoys creating creative products for you to choose from – they’re actually the market leader in this regard.

Texans Energy

Texans Energy started serving the area in 2007. This energy provider serves its Dallas clients with the slogan, “No gimmicks. No games.” because they want you to enjoy affordably priced energy plans coupled with superior customer service. As one of the many electricity providers in Dallas, Texas they understand that you have a choice, and so they work hard on a daily basis to earn your loyalty.

This company believes that they’ve been around enough to know about many of the gimmicks that many of the other electricity providers try gaming their clients with. These include:

  • Telling you that they offer you the cheapest electric rates anywhere in Texas, but only if your monthly usage falls within a very narrow range – otherwise you pay as much as double the rate.
  • Offering you a really low 12 month plan, but afterwards these energy providers in Dallas, Texas charge you a much higher rate than the normal, fixed rate plan.
  • Giving you free electricity at night or on the weekend isn’t really helpful when it’s during times that are inconvenient and then you’re charged more money during the other times of the day.

Instead of playing these games with other electric providers in Dallas, Texas, clients know what they can expect from Texans Energy. This includes:

  • Competitive pricing that you can lock in so you have a fixed rate to depend on each month.
  • Peace of mind knowing that while other electricity providers in Dallas, Texas will charge more money you’ll never be charged more by Texans Energy.
  • Reliability – because everything is easy and you never have to worry about losing electricity unless a major outage occurs.

Our Energy

This Dallas energy provider is committed to competitive pricing and great customer service. They offer you three types of fixed price plans, with either a 12 or a 24 month term. These include:

  • One where the price you pay for electricity decreases with the more electricity you use.
  • A plan in which this Dallas electricity company offers you a bill credit when you use more than 1,000 kWh per billing cycle.
  • The third includes the electric delivery charges in the rate itself, so you pay the same average rate regardless of how much electricity you use, making it ideal for customers with variable usage.

Whether you’re trying to decide which of these plans is best for you or need to make a payment and don’t want to use the online portal, you’ll find that the customer service is outstanding.

Tara Energy

One of the energy providers in Dallas, TX that’s grown rapidly since its start in 2002 is Tara Energy, a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc. This is because this electricity provider not only offers competitive prices, but prides itself on its honesty, integrity and respect. In other words, your needs always come first with this electricity company. This is something that over 1.8 million active customers can speak on their behalf about.

Energy Providers in Dallas, TX

Oncor Outage Contact Information

One of the biggest transmission and distribution electric utilities in the United States is Oncor. With about 10 million Texans relying on their leading technology this utility company employs over 3,700 people. This is the company you need to contact if there’s a power outage in Dallas, TX. Call 1-888-313-4747 for more information.

Choosing the Right Energy Providers in Dallas, Texas

These are just a few of the many energy providers offering affordable electricity rates in Dallas that you can choose between. Of course, these are the bigger ones, but you should know that smaller ones also exist and they’re just as good. You’ll want to take time to find what you need, so that you can look through these energy providers in Dallas, TX and decide what company is right for you.

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