7 Ways to Stay Warmer This Winter in Texas

Let’s face facts: a lot of people, not only in Texas, but across the U.S.A. are finding this winter to be an extra frosty one! So, if you’re having a hard time staying warm, realize that you’re not alone. Many people just like you are just a bit colder than they usually are. Fortunately, there are some quite simple and practical things you can do to heat things up.

Invest in Better Curtains

Many homeowners find it saves on their heating costs to actually have 2 sets of curtains: 1 for winter use and another for spring and summertime. The best type of curtain to get is one that is insulated. If you enjoy sewing projects, you can even make your own for your home. Good curtains will drape all the way to the floor, protecting you from as much of the draft as possible. Choose curtains that completely cover the windows when they are shut, not simply decorative curtains for when the window is open.

Get Cozy

If you know people who participate in wintertime, outdoor sports then this is something they have classically done. Dressing in layers helps naturally to make your body feel warm. Cover both your head and your feet, to let your body warm up even more. If you are sitting and watching TV or reading a book, consider adding a cozy blanket, which will help you feel more toasty. A simple way to add a subtle layer of clothing without looking like you’re wearing your entire closet – buy a set of silk long underwear, which are quite thin, but very good at trapping in the warmth on your body.

7 Ways to Stay Warmer This Winter in Texas

Get Doorstops

When you feel a chill in your home, it may be coming from the front or back door being opened all the time. Start by trying to limit the number of times this is done during the chillier days. We know, this is not as simple as having someone say it to you! Just try to organize your errands and chores by “bunching” them together and shut the door quickly and firmly behind you. Then add a doorstop when you are inside the house, so cold air does not leak through under the door.

Get Some Exercise

There are so many great reasons to exercise and we’re going to add yet another one! When you move your body and get the blood flowing, this helps you to feel warmer. Always get your physician’s approval to exercise and do what feels comfortable, you don’t have to overdo it. If you’re inside for the day, try doing an exercise DVD on even clean house for 30 minutes. We bet you’ll feel warmer and more energized!

Touch Your Windows (really!)

No, this isn’t going to make you feel warmer. But if you put a flat palm on your window glass from the inside of the house – and it is freezing cold, then this is likely the top reason your house is so cold. You need better, high quality storm windows. While no one likes to think of making that investment, we can assure you that your heating and air conditioning costs will be much lower (because right now it is leaking out of the house). So in the long run, you’ll save more money than you spend.

Move Some of the Furniture

Look around your house and see if any furniture is right up against the heater (s). If so, it’s important to move it out at least 5 inches or so. Don’t strain yourself, get help if you need it. But if that bookcase is in front of most of the heater then, you are not getting most of that heat, the books are.

Pay Attention to the Sun

Now, this will really help you to save on your heating costs. Visit your favorite weather app or website and track the daily weather. Keep track of sunny days and not so sunny days. Understand where the sun is at what time of day. If you get a lot of sun in your house in the mid-morning, then this is a time of day that you can use a bit less heat – the sun is doing this for you.

We hope you stay warm and comfortable during this winter in Texas!

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