Texas Families… Get Warm Right Now!

Feeling chilly? Unfortunately, this winter has been colder than the past 10 years. If you and your family in Texas want to be warmer, we’ve got some quick tips you can put into place. So everyone can become more comfortable right now.

Sometimes you’ve already got a great electricity rate. You’re working with a Texas electricity company that you really like and that’s providing you with five star customer service. But this winter has had an awful lot of folks saying “brr!” instead of “Hello!” to each other! So try our tips and we’re confident you’ll feel more cozy soon.

Food and Drinks For Cold Weather

Add chilis, soups and hot drinks; like cocoa, coffee and tea to your menus. Why, there’s nothing like a hearty stick-to-your-ribs chili to make you feel 10 degrees warmer. Or add a cup of soup to your lunch or dinner. Get packets of cocoa for the kids and make some for an afternoon treat when they get home from school. Grown-ups like cocoa too, but we also recommend hot tea, such as green tea or peppermint tea, which has an extra “zing” of taste to it. Even an hour or longer after you’ve consumed something hot, you feel much warmer.

Seal Your Windows

Seal your windows with heavy duty plastic. Now, this is a “honey do” chore that is guaranteed to pay off. While it does not have a lot of “curb appeal,” we can share with you that your family will feel much cozier and warmer inside your home. Buy heavy duty clear plastic sheeting (often comes in rolls) at the hardware store. You’ll also need duct tape. Fold the sheet in half to double its power and cut it so it covers your entire window from top to bottom. Then tape it onto the sides of the frame, from the inside of the house.

Download Apps For Cold Weather

Grab an app that turns your heater on while you’re coming home from work. Don’t you love technology? These handy apps will turn your heater (or A/C too!) on for you at any time. Lots of people use it so their home can start to warm up about 30 minutes before they come home. This saves a huge amount on heating costs.

Texas Families… Get Warm Right Now!

Warm Up with the Help of Your Ceiling Fan

Run your ceiling fan for circulation. In the winter, your fan is helpful to bring warm air down into your home. This is something that savvy homeowners know and understand will help warm air reach every corner of their home. It’s simple and easy to do, why, right at the touch of a button!

Choose Your Bedding Carefully

Don’t neglect comfy bedding as an option. Some families find that the nights get very cold. One of the ways you can warm up everyone from the little ones to the adults is to invest in warmer bedding. Look for flannel sheet sets to put on the beds. Get a thick comforter to add to the bed and a blanket. Think of the bed as if dressing in layers. Because the more layers you add, the person in the bed will feel quite comfortable and cozy.

Footwear For Cold Weather

Wear slippers with socks when at home. Many of us when we get home, we just kick off our shoes. In some households this is a tradition. You may do it for cultural reasons or simply to keep the house tidy from outdoor debris. But having bare feet usually makes you feel colder than those who wear shoes. A good choice is for everyone to have a pair of slippers and socks. When your feet are nice and warm, it might surprise you just how much this affects how the rest of you feels too!

Insulate Your Windows

Put insulation on your windows. This is a classic fix-it when your home or apartment is too cold. Quite often, heat is leaking out of your windows. A less costly solution than replacing the windows is to add in some simple insulation. You have quite a few options. One of the quickest is a stick n’ seal type which you just measure, cut to fit and then peel out to stick on to the window frame. Then you press hard to put it into shape to fill any cold spots.

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