3 Easy Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Electric Bill

When you first notice that your electric bill is continually creeping upwards, it’s time to take steps to reduce your electric bill. Even if you’re locked into a contract and a fixed rate plan with your electricity provider there are still some tricks you can do to drastically reduce your electric bill.

Reduce Your Electric Bill Through Intentional Use

Stop thinking about what’s “on” in your home and start being more intentional about what you’re using electricity for. So, when you leave a room that you’re not returning to immediately, look around and turn off anything possible. By turning these things off, even for just a few minutes, you’re saving energy and thus you reduce your electric bill. This includes your fan, heater, lights, and TV. Although it may not feel like you’re doing much when you turn these items off, every penny adds up.

Reduce Your Electric Bill Through Smart Buying

Look around at the incandescent bulbs that are used in your home. You can significantly reduce your electric bill by buying compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to replace each of these incandescent bulbs with. Although CFL bulbs cost a bit more money than incandescent bulbs, the amount of electricity you save will quickly pay for the difference here.

You should also consider buying a Power Save gadget. This will monitor your home’s power supply, so that you can make sure you only use the smallest amount necessary. By buying this gadget and taking the time to monitor it, you’ll reduce your electric bill even further.

3 Easy Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Electric Bill

Reduce Your Electric Bill By Choosing the Right Home Appliances

What most people fail to realize is that the number of home appliances you have in your home will affect how much money you spend on electricity. However, what has an even bigger impact on your electric bill is how you use your appliances. There are some ways you can reduce your electric bill here as well. So, when you’re ready to economize your usage, try these tips:

  • Only run your washing machine when you have a full load of clothes to wash. Make sure you use the smallest amount of electricity needed for washing and drying your clothes. Never use the dryer for longer than necessary.
  • Depending on the season, you want to keep the room just warm or cool enough. So make sure the temperature is either the highest or the lowest you can comfortably tolerate.
  • When you’re done using your computer, turn off its monitor. You should also turn your computer off every night. Not only will this reduce your electric bill, but it will also protect your computer from a power surge.

While these tips to drastically reduce your electric bill are easy to include in your lifestyle, you’ll be pleasantly surprised in just how much they’ll reduce your electric bill. At the same time, these tips also save energy for future generations.

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