Uses of Renewable Energy in Our Daily Lives

When we think about renewable energy we typically don’t think about the daily uses of it. Instead, we think about how these sources could be used in the future. However, these renewable energy resources are actually being used a lot already. This is particularly true about solar energy.

How we use Solar Energy in our Daily Lives

There are several daily uses of renewable energy from the sun. These include:

  • Cooking: You’d be surprised how expensive it is to use your electric stove or oven. Cooking in a solar energy box consisting of a thermometer, styrofoam insulation, duct tape, a cooking bag, aluminum foil, pan, and a box can save you a lot of money.
  • Charging batteries: Reserve battery banks can be charged by the sun, so you can use them for recharging your batteries at night.
  • Heating your home: This isn’t only useful for heating passive spaces. Now you can use it to heat your hot water and in turn, heat your home. Simply install some sun-heated water tubes on your home’s roof and on your water heater.
  • Powering your home: You can power an entire house with solar panels. Solar panels also impact the resale value of your home (in a positive way).
  • Batteries: These are found all around us today – inside and outside of our home, as well as in outer space.

Uses of Renewable Energy in Our Daily Lives

Other Daily Uses of Renewable Energy

Solar energy isn’t the only type of renewable energy we use in our daily life today. Others include:

  • Burning wood in your fireplace to heat your home.
  • Water is being used to run generators.
  • Windmills are being used to grind grain.

The daily uses of renewable energy are just beginning. They’re bound to grow by leaps and bounds in the future. This is very exciting for anyone who’s concerned about the Earth’s health and well-being.

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