Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency at Home

According to a survey that was conducted by the Home Heat Helpline, if you’re like one in three adults, you worry about how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Fortunately you can improve your home’s energy efficiency in just a few easy steps. The sooner you make the changes, the more money you’ll save too. With this in mind, you’re probably wondering what you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency, starting today.

  • Insulate Your Attic

    Many homes are wasting electricity by pumping in heat that escapes through your poorly insulated roofs and walls. Even decent insulation can save you money. This is why you’ll want to make sure that your attic is properly insulated.

  • Upgrade Your Heater

    An inefficient heater adds a lot of money to your energy bill. By upgrading yours you’ll improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut down on your costs in the long-term. You’ll also dramatically cut down on your home’s carbon emissions.

    As you shop for a new heater you’ll notice they’re rated on a scale of A – G. You’ll want to opt for one that’s an “A” or a “B”, since these are the most energy-efficient, meaning they’ll save you the most money over the long-term.

  • Hang Thick Curtains and Insulate Your Doors

    Sometimes all you really need is a simple solution. For instance, hanging thicker curtains over your windows prevents heat from escaping from your home. This will make you feel more comfortable with regards to temperature.

    There’s also inexpensive stick-on insulation available for the sides of your drafty doors. This won’t only make your home feel warmer, but it will also help reduce your electric bills.

  • Use a Water-Saving Shower Head

    Baths waste a lot of water, but your shower might not be much better. In fact, if you take a 20-minute hot shower you’re wasting more electricity than you think. In fact, you could be using more electricity in just 5 minutes than you would waste while taking a bath. This is why you should install a water saving shower head.

  • Install Double Glazed Windows

    Make sure your windows are double glazing fitted. While the initial investment is expensive, the fact that these windows trap more heat inside of your home means you’ll save a lot of money in the long-term on your annual energy bills. Today, these windows are available in various styles that won’t ruin how your home’s appearance.

Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency at Home

  • Invest in an eco Kettle

    When you want to enjoy a cup of tea you probably boil an entire kettle of water. This is really wasteful, especially when you could save electricity by only heating the water you need. Fortunately, there’s an environmentally friendly alternative available – an eco-friendly kettle. These use 30% less power. This is also true of other eco-friendly appliances like televisions and refrigerators.

  • Consider Installing Solar Panels

    With solar panels, you can generate some of your own electricity and even warm your own water tank. When opting to install solar power in your home, choose photovoltaic (PV) cells. While these are more expensive, they’re worth it in the long-term, because they’ll help you save money. Of course, how much money you’ll pay to install these solar panels in your home depends on how much power you need to generate and how much space you have for installing the panels you’ll need. Remember, these work even if it’s cloudy outside, so don’t let the weather serve as a deterrent.

  • Insulate Your Walls

    Walls that are improperly insulated cost your home 33% in energy loss. Simply filling some holes will improve your home’s energy efficiency. If you want to make sure your home is fully insulated, you’ll pay a lot of money.

  • Switch to a Cheaper Energy Provider

    If you live in a state where electricity is deregulated, one of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to take part in your state’s energy deregulation. This allows you to find the cheapest electricity company and even choose a “green” electric provider if you want.

Every Little Step Helps…

When you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency you should know that even little things help. Turning off lights and electronics when not in use is a good habit too. If you get everyone in your home in the habit of doing this, the effort will make an even bigger impact. This is why we say, “Every little step helps.”

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